Battlefield 2042: Updating 3 Causes Server Problems, Dice At Work To Fix

DICE published on December 2, the Update 3 of Battlefield 2042, a new update aimed at solving bugs and technical problems of the game, but apparently not everything went the right way and we now point out some problems with servers and online infrastructure

The third patch of Battlefield 2042 introduces hundreds of bugfixes, an update that is quite massive, however many report that it is impossible to connect to servers after updating Battlefield 2042. DICE is aware of the problem and the study is working to restore the situation to normal, it is not a problem related to the software but a server side malfunction that will be solved presumably in a short time.

DICE suggests, however, that you try to access online games several times from the main menu, this method, however “homely” it seems to be able to stem the problem as pointed out by some users on Twitter.

The new Battlefield was launched in mid-month and to date Battlefield 2042 is suffering from a huge drop in players on Steam, DICE for its part has calmed the community confirming how other updates are coming, Battlefield 2042 is a

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