Battlefield 2042: Update 2 With Weapons And Vehicle Balance Is Available

As promised, today November 25 Electronic Arts and DICE published the Update 2 of Battlefield 2042, which aims to balance vehicles and weapons, and solve a vast sample of bugs.

The range of interventions is quite wide, and begins with the reduction of the dispersion of bullets for all types of weapons, except for Shotgun. This should lead to greater accuracy of shots during normal gameplay. PP-29 saw vertical recoil increase, while KA-520 Super Hokum – 30mm Cannon (Side Mount) suffered a general reduction in damage, increased bullet dispersion and a reduction in distance at which the shots inflicted The damage of the Minigun of all ground vehicles also decreases.

As regards vehicles, the UAV-1 was rehabilitated in Battlefield Portal in a version with a lower delay in health regeneration, increased power of missiles against vehicles and infantry and the drone’s ability to kill enemies Thanks to the resolution of a series of bugs, it is now possible to complete the Breakthrough matches after the conquest of the last sector and players should no longer have problems with the respawn and resuscitation.

These highlights are just some of the interventions made, for the complete list please read the official changelog on the site of Battlefield 2042. Update 3 is scheduled for the beginning of December, while another major update is set during the Christmas period. In January the first season of Battlefield 2042 will begin.

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