Battlefield 2042: The Guide To The Plus System Of Weapons

Among the new features of the gameplay of Battlefield 2042 is the Plus system, a mechanical system that allows you to change components to your weapon directly on the battlefield, without having to return every time to the character selection menu to perform the modes: here’s

Some have already been able to experiment with the Plus system in the beta of Battlefield 2042 (in this regard, here’s how to play early at Battlefield 2042). Its use is certainly an integral part of the overall balance of the game mechanics, representing a potentially important change in the typical dynamics of the series plate DICE. To open this menu you need to press the L1 button on PS4 and PS5, LB on Xbox and T consoles on PC, moving the cursor on the component to be equipped or changed and, finally, leaving the button pressure to complete the modification

This system is always activated, even during the firefights: if you need a more precise viewfinder to shoot an opponent in the distance, you can do so. The same applies to kicks, torches or secondary fire components. Battlefield 2042, we remember, will be released on November 19, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S And speaking of the series, one insider says the next Battlefield is already in development.

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