Battlefield 2042: Santa Claus Vs Elves In The New Christmas Event

DICE and Electronic Arts are not immune to the Christmas spirit either, and in view of the upcoming festivities they launched a new theme event in Battlefield 2042. Let’s find out what this is all about.

From today until January 6, Battlefield Portal is available the “Elph Attack” mode, which sees a team of Santa Claus facing an demonized group of Elves. Apparently, those we all know as trusted helpers have fallen into a barrel of “special” eggnog, which has made them incredibly bad.

Attack of the Elves is an infection mode for 32 players playing on maps of 1942, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and 2042. Players who impersonate Santa Claus use a LCMG with a festive skin, while the Elves can only make a mix attack with a lollipop and use a grappling. If an Elf kills a Santa, the latter turns into an Elf. To win, the Santas must stay alive and kill at least 50 elves. There is a winter theme Player Card and an emblem on the table. In addition, DICE has also introduced the new Conquest mode for 64 players “1942 vs 2042” which, as easily imaginable, is played on maps of 1942 and 2042.

All these new features come a few days after the publication of the Patch 3.1 in Battlefield 2042, the last of 2021 before the Christmas holidays.

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