Battlefield 2042, Santa Claus Doesn’t Bring Gifts: Skin Canceled After Controversy

He had a lot of discussion about the coming Santa skin on Battlefield 2042, revealed in advance by Electronic Arts. Through forums and social media players have manifested their strong discontent with the costume by feeling out of place within a game like Battlefield 2042.

In light of the complaints, therefore, EA has caught the ball at the leap and, apparently, the skin of Santa Claus has been removed and will not be included in the next update of the FPS war, which will bring new weekly and relative missions “We are currently not going to use all skin for this Christmas period,” explains EA DICE without going into more detail. It is not clear, however, whether the new tanks and helicopters skins revealed in advance will be regularly available, although it is plausible to assume that they will be regularly introduced as rewards.

On Reddit, many had hurled at the Christmas skin designed by EA, with various users who thought it “impossible” to take seriously the themes of natural disasters at the base of the game by impersonating operators like Santa Claus. The exclusion of the skin should now silence this specific controversy.

Certainly the current moment of the new chapter in Battlefield is not the most rosy, in light of the various technical problems that afflict the game and on which the authors are working to solve them all a little at a time. However, Update 3 caused problems with Battlefield 2042 servers, leading developers to make further adjustments.

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