Battlefield 2042 Originally Included Earthquakes, Tsunami And Volcanic Eruptions

The well-known insider Tom Henderson returns to the charge to unveil new backstage on the troubled development process of Battlefield 2042, the last chapter of the war shooter series of DICE and Electronic Arts welcomed warmly by critics and

In the advertising campaign, Battlefield 2042 has been very focused on the presence of the devastating tornado that can invade the gigantic game maps. However, according to Henderson, there should have been other equally devastating and spectacular phenomena in-game, later cut off by the development team to be able to meet the working deadlines.

As you can see by looking at the post you find at the bottom, Battlefield 2042 originally included earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions, as well as tornadoes in the finished product. The lack of time has led the team to simplify its initial project and reduce to one the overwhelming climatic effects.

Henderson added that the post-launching program of the game was thoroughly reviewed by DICE and that what had been leaked by the insider in recent weeks might eventually prove inaccurate. A recent leak seems to have anticipated the contents of Season 1 of Battlefield 2042.

Remember that until January 6, the special Christmas event of Battlefield 2042, in which Santa Claus clashes evil elves.

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