Battlefield 2042, New Update On November 25: Here Is The New Calendar Post Launch

A short distance from the publication of the first update of Battlefield 2042, the DICE team is ready to make available a second update for the shooter.

The latter, confirms the software house, will be available from tomorrow, Thursday 25 November 2021. Next, there is a busy calendar for post-launch support, which includes several appointments from here to next year. Specifically:

A rich Update 3 is scheduled to be published in early December;

is expected to publish a rich; In the Christmas period, will come a further great update;

, will come another great update; In early 2022, will be presented all details on Season 1 of Battlefield 2042;

The aspects on which DICE is working are many, including stability and performance. In particular, the team claims to be taking steps to significantly enhance the functioning of the game servers. In addition, software house is investigating the frame rate issues reported by Battlefield 2042 PC users.

As for the game dynamics on PC, DICE says he is reviewing some aspects of the gunplay: the latter will be improved with the publication of Update 3. In general, the team has devoted a lot of attention to the analysis of the in-game aim, with many changes that will become operational already with the update tomorrow.

Most of the changes, however, will be introduced in Battlefield 2042 with the update in early December, which will be the “largest update published so far” in the shooter.

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