Battlefield 2042: New Update On January 20, Details From Ea And Dice

Despite some difficulties encountered in recent weeks, such as the empty servers of Battlefield 2042 on Steam, Electronic Arts and DICE prepare the next moves for their war FPS, in particular regarding future updates coming.

The update 3.2, scheduled for 20 January 2022, will bring some fixes and improvements to the stability of the game, thus making it more fluid and playable without serious technical hiccups. In addition, new servers and game types will be enabled to further improve the weekly challenges of Portal. The next update, 3.3, is expected for mid-February and will bring a perfected scoreboard (also attaching an image of the work still in progress) as well as further general improvements of the experience offered by the game.

There are no updates to improve matchmaking in All-Out Warfare or the Voice Over Internet Protocol on all platforms, but developers confirm that these two aspects are still taken into account for the time being. EA and DICE continue to monitor the situation constantly to understand which additional updates, both small and large, prepare to optimize the Battlefield 2042 experience on each platform.

Previously, developers talked about the slow development of Battlefield 2042 fixes, recognizing the waiting times too long between one update and the other and confirming that they are looking for new ideas to improve the progression system.

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