Battlefield 2042: How Does The Vehicle Demand System Work?

Battlefield 2042 is coming on November 19th on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S.X. The new DICE-plated shooter comes with some gameplay novelties including a speedy vehicle recovery system, which allows you to start a transmission for automatic shipment of a vehicle. Here’s how the demand system works.

Already available from the beta published in October (in this regard, it seems that EA is satisfied by the beta of Battlefield 2042) this new mechanical allows an immediate use of some vehicles present in the game. The request system, in fact, allows you to ‘book’ a means through an air delivery of which we will have to select the landing point. On PS4 and PS5 you need to press the R1 button (RB on Xbox consoles, B button on PC) to open a screen to choose the desired vehicle and then indicate an area of the map where to have it delivered.

It must be pointed out that this operation does not work with aircraft and helicopters, and can only be used before the spawn, joining us with other players in artillery or assistance station, or putting us to the guide of a completely new vehicle. Again about the DICE title, here’s how to play early at Battlefield 2042.

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