Battlefield 2042, Here’s The First Update: Reduced Stuttering And More Stable Servers

The new episode of the Electronic Arts war series arrives on November 19, 2021 but is already available in early access, with many players who have already noticed technical problems: for example there seems to be crashes and performance decreases in Battlefield 2042 on PC,

EA and DICE did not, however, stand still and have worked to solve the inconveniences encountered so far. In addition to having offline the game servers for an hour, from 9 am to 10 am on the morning of November 18, for extraordinary maintenance, developers also released the first update for Battlefield 2042 aimed at improving some issues. In addition to more stable servers, EA has committed to reducing the phenomena of stuttering, which occurred in some maps, and latency in the last stages of specific game modes. Also improve the animations of the characters that now appear much more fluid and realistic. On the official EA website is the complete list of all fixes, many of which aim to solve bugs of minor nature to make the gaming experience much more enjoyable.

Pending the full version review, our special on Battlefield 2042 will show you all the features, the best and the least convincing aspects of DICE’s FPS.

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