Battlefield 2042 Has Too Many Bugs, Hackers Stop Developing Cheat: ‘They Don’t Work’

Battlefield 2042 is emptying on Steam, the latest FPS signed EA/DICE is not convincing users that, at least, it is not running into a large number of cheater and hackers in-game What is the reason for this interesting disinterest on their part? Not by the power of the anti-cheat, but by the poor performances of the game itself.

Once again it was l’insider Tom Henderson who noticed this escape from the major creators of Cheat for Battlefield, immortalized with a Discord screenshot All active [cheat] subscriptions will remain active until their expiry, there will be no renewals available. […] The reason behind this decision is the series of performance side problems that also affects the cheats, and most registered users do not even play since the title

In short, it would seem that EA and DICE have solved the problem of hackers within Battlefield 2042 in the most unexpected way: with the series of bugs and glitch that afflicts the gaming experience. It will be interesting to know if with their resolution not only the servers will re-populate, but if the creators of cheat will also be back active.

In addition, Steam is accepting the refund requests with exceptions, without taking into account game hours and time spent from purchase. Will Battlefield 2042 really be tied to this fate?

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