Battlefield 2042, Gta Trilogy And Bright Memory Infinite: All Benefits Of Nvidia Dlss

After attending the arrival of the DLSS in Hot Wheels Unleashed and Jurassic World Evolution 2, a new round of video games receives the expected support to the DLSS. NVIDIA outlines all the benefits of its “smart” upscale technology in Battlefield 2042, GTA Trilogy and Bright Memory Infinite.

With the increasingly imminent early access partnership of Battlefield 2042, the Kolossal shooter of EA DICE and Ripple Effect receives full support for NVIDIA DLSS technology and environmental management The owners of a GeForce RTX 20 or 30 Series video card can also access NVIDIA Reflex to further improve their gaming experience, especially in competitive arenas and in the most intense multiplayer modes.

Here is a list of all the features supported by the three games compatible with the latest graphic technologies of the green house:

Battlefield 2042: DLSS (with 2 times 4K performance increase), Reflex ( 28% reduced latency), Ray Tracing RTX

: DLSS (with 2 times higher 4K performance), Reflex ( 28% lower latency), Ray Tracing RTX GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition: DLSS (with up to 85% higher performance)

Bright Memory Infinite: DLSS (with increased performance on GeForce RTX GPU up to 2.5 times with Ray Tracing enabled), Reflex (reduced latency up to 40%)

At the bottom and top of the news you will find demo footage made by the authors of Battlefield 2042 and Bright Memory Infinite to testify to the benefits of NVIDIA’s DLSS and Reflex in PC games performed on GPU Ge

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