Battlefield 2042: Gm Of Dice Leaves, Recovery Plan And The Battlefield Universe

The criticism of Battlefield 2042 by the community drives the high-level Electronic Arts to review their strategy for the Kolossal shooter. On the pages of GameSpot, the executives of the US company illustrate the plan the relaunch of Battlefield 2042.

“Our vision for Battlefield begins with our commitment to BF2042 and grows to embrace a new future,” begins a social post that accompanies the GameSpot article with many statements from Electronic Arts executives.

In the GS special, for example, EA is making important changes to its development structure to focus on the growth and expansion of the Battlefield brand after the problematic launch of Battlefield 2042. The first and perhaps most important effect of the new strategy outlined by Electronic Arts is the transfer of deliveries between Oskar Gabrielson, DICE’s current General Manager, and Vince Zampella: Respawn’s boss will have to deal with the

The recovery plan illustrated by EA also provides for the establishment of a new development team in Seattle that will be entrusted to Marcus Lehto: Halo’s designer will structure the gameplay of the upcoming updates of Battlefield 2042

As for Ripple Effect, the authors of the appreciated Portal mode of Battlefield 2042, will be no less delicate task of developing what the EA summits themselves describe as “a new experience of Battlefield in the Battlefield universe 20 In GameSpot’s special, the term “Battlefield Universe” is taken up several times to indicate Electronic Arts’ intention to support the shooter series massively through the development of content-rich (narrative) update

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