Battlefield 2042 Evolves: Map Exposure And 64 Player Mode Coming Up

After outlining the future of the shooter series with the Battlefield Universe, EA DICE and Ripple Effect are said to want to evolve the game experience of Battlefield 2042 with the arrival of a new map and

An Electronic Arts representative on the GameSpot columns confirmed DICE’s intentions by stressing the Swedish subsidiary’s commitment to the creation of Exposure, a new setting that “will raise the level of map design”: the introduction of

Presumably, together with Exposure we will also see the rewording of gameplay mechanics and elements that distinguish the current progression of online challenges of the remaining maps, but to have the final confirmation we will have to wait for the arrival of future patches

There is a certainty in this regard, however, and it is the one represented by the arrival of a 64 player mode shortly in response to the harsh criticism of Battlefield 2042 moved by the community since the launch of the FPS kolossal. The new mode, according to EA, will reduce the play area to bring it to the same size as the Challenges Conquest or Sfondamento disputed on lastgen consoles: in doing so, users should participate in more immersive activities and give life to While waiting to receive more details on the timing of launch of these updates, we refer you to our review of Battlefield 2042 by Alessandro Bruni.

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