Battlefield 2042: Developers Talk About Slow Fix Development

You will have read that even hackers have abandoned Battlefield 2042 because of the numerous bugs and the various problems that afflict the shooter in first person Electronic Arts. Recently the development team intervened to comment on the state of play on the fixes for the main problems of the game.

Justin Weibe, the senior design director of Ripple Effect Studios, spoke about the solutions coming through an update. Through a series of messages published on his official Twitter profile, the developer admitted that creating a fix is taking too long and that the software house is currently looking for a new method for managing experience to improve the progression system of the According to Weibe, Ripple Effect would be seriously thinking of recreating from scratch the useful mechanism to get XP and level up, since many are exploiting one from Portal to unlock the contents of the classic multiplayer.

Waiting for an update to fix the problem, we remind you that Battlefield 2042 boasts fewer active players than Battlefield 1 on Steam, a platform on which requests for reimbursement have recently been accepted en masse due to the low number of users on servers.

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