Battlefield 2042 Better Than Starfield And Spider-Man: It’s His Most-Seen Trailer In 2021

It’s time to add up and few know how to do it better than a few days after the end of the year, the English portal specialized in numbers shared the ranking of the most viewed trailers during 2021: to triumph

With 21.9 million views, the Battlefield 2042 presentation movie was the most viewed video game trailer in 2021. Published last June, he clearly impressed the players who were looking forward to learning more after months and months of rumor and rumor. Unfortunately, they did not find any gameplay images, but rather a film that outlined the setting and the key points of the new production, which in the meantime has also arrived on the market.

The podium is closed Left: Midnight Hunt, the cinematic of Magic: The Gathering Arena that has collected 19.3 million views, and the video of the announcement of the Impostori mode of Fortnite, seen 18.4 We need to get down a few positions to find two highly anticipated game trailer reveals like Starfield and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, seventh with 15.9 million views and eighth with 15.1 million views respectively.

You can consult the ranking with the 15 most-visited trailers of the year at the bottom of this news. Keep in mind that Fancensus, the analytics agency that compiled it, has considered in the counting only the visualizations of the original trailers appeared on the official channels of the individual games, ignoring those generated of the recharges made from other channels.

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