Battlefield 2042 And The Explosive Open Beta Numbers: 7.7 Million Players

Battlefield 2042 is preparing to unleash its war fury on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One on November 19, 2021, and the possibility that it will prove to be a great commercial success would seem very concrete to judge from

According to the financial results report of EA of Q2 2022, the test opened to the public attracted the attention of 7.7 million players, eager to experience with hand the characteristics of the new FPS war in DICE in view of the Not only that: EA CEO Andrew Wilson specifies the Early Access of the game was the largest ever recorded by the company in its history, with 3.1 million users active total. Open Beta had made Conquista mode available, and it was used by developers to receive feedback on the less convincing aspects of the product to finish it in view of day one.

Although there is no absolute certainty that beta numbers can turn into actual sales at least in the short term, the new Battlefield certainly starts under good commercial auspices. In any case there will be additional 10 hours of free trial of Battlefield 2042 on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass from November 12, in parallel with early access to the full title for all buyers of Gold or Ultimate editions.

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