Battlefield 2042 And Empty Servers On Steam: Fewer Active Players Than Battlefield 1

The latest FPS of Electronic Arts and DICE is not going through much, at least in the PC: it has arrived confirmation that Steam accepts the refund requests for Battlefield 2042, with servers that continue to lose users a little at a time

As early as the last days of December 2021 it had emerged that Battlefield 2042 on Steam had fewer players than the fifth chapter, and since then the situation does not seem to have improved. In fact, the last episode would be under the Battlefield 1 numbers, released in 2016. The fact was reported by the insider Tom Henderson, who has always been very active on the franchise produced by EA.

According to Steam, on January 12, 2022, Battlefield 2042 reached 7242 players arriving, resulting in below 7356 registered by Battlefield 1. This is a very small difference and slightly more than a hundred users, if there are not exactly 5 years of difference to separate the output of the two games. All this without forgetting Battlefield V that has touched the 19,000 active users.

However, it should be specified that the number of users active on Steam games is constantly changing (the most recent episode has returned to more players than in Battlefield 1, for example), and that you do not know in detail what the situation is on PlayStation and However, it remains a signal for EA in view of future updates for the latest title, which needs new content to become more and more attractive for fans of the genre and the series.

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