Battlefield 2042: A Map Has Been Removed From Ps4 And Xbox One Versions

Over the last few hours, the Battlefield 2042 development team, which has admitted its faults in the slow development of the fix, has been forced to intervene urgently on the old-generation console version, removing one of the available maps since the launch.

The removal of content from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One edition did not occur without an official communication from EA DICE, which promptly posted a message on social media channels. According to the developers, the Renowal map was temporarily disabled by the arena pool available due to serious technical problems. According to the Twitter account, Battlefield Direct Communication, which offers users the official messages of developers, important stability issues occurred during the games held in that arena. Obviously this is not definitive and EA DICE is currently working on a corrective patch that allows the re-introduction of the Renewal map avoiding that the problems mentioned on the old Sony and Microsoft consoles occur again.

Waiting for a fix to the serious problem of the shooter in subjective, we remind you that the new update of Battlefield 2042 will arrive on 20 January.

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