Battlefield 2042: A Glitch Allows Dozer To Cross The Walls

There are still a few days to the arrival on the shelves of Battlefield 2042, but for almost a week the title EA DICE is in Early Access for all those who have purchased the special editions or stanni trying thanks to the 10 hours trial And that’s exactly how a serious glitch was discovered.

The problem in question is with the Specialist named Dozer, that is the armored energumen whose active skill allows him to use a heavy shield. Through a series of very easy to put into practice steps, some players are exploiting the character’s ability to activate a glitch that allows you to cross the walls on any map and thus gain a clear advantage over the opponents not so much for eliminations but for the

At the moment it is unclear whether the development team is aware of the problem or not, but it is likely that its spread over the net will allow the glitch to reach their ears, so that a fix can enter the processing as soon as possible.

Before leaving the movie showing the glitch in action, please note that on our pages you can find a resolution analysis and frames of Battlefield 2042 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X

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