Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance Makes It: Pc Version Is Officially Available

It seemed to be gone, but at the last moment there is an important confirmation: Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance re-edition debuts on PC in time for the end of the year, as promised months ago by Black Isle Studio

It was in fact May 2021 when the developers confirmed the arrival of Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance on PC, but since then this version has not been spoken, to the point that many players had already assumed that it would not make it to Black Isle, however, denies everyone, ironing on Twitter too in giving the happy announcement: “It is a pleasure to offer you a gift just before the Christmas holidays: Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance has arrived on PC! And some of you believed that it wouldn’t be released this year!”, the authors wrote fun on Twitter, confirming that the game will be available for download via Steam, GOG, Mac and Microsoft Store.

Spin-off of Baldur’s Gate’s famous main series, Dark Alliance is a hack & slash action/RPG released on PS2 in 2001 and converted to Xbox, GameCube and In 2021 Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance was announced to return to PS4, Xbox One and Switch: however, the new editions were not remastered, but direct porting of the original game. A speech that also applies to the debut on PC.

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