Backbone 2 Is Official, Will Come Next Year And Will Be’more Gay’

During the evening, good news came for all those who enjoyed the first Backbone, since a new chapter is currently in development and its release does not seem to be so far away.

The announcement of Backbone 2 was made through the publication of a very short teaser that unfortunately does not allow to intuit any kind of detail on the title, whose specific launch date has not been confirmed although its release in the course of the next year is certain

Here is the message that developers shared on Twitter:

“At the moment, we can’t specify whether it’s a sequel, prequel or racing game, but consider that it’s going to be more gay.”

It is not very clear what the meaning of this post is, but it is very likely that it is a reference to some character in the game. To accompany the message we also find an image through which EggNut, or the development team, confirmed the presence of ducks in the game.

For those who do not know, the first Backbone is a noir adventure set in a world where only anthropomorphic animals live and the protagonist himself is a raccoon that in life is the investigator.

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