Back 4 Blood On Game Pass: Turtle Rock Goes Crazy, It’s ‘Big Part Of The Game’s Success’

Executive Producer Turtle Rock, Lianne Papp, intervened at’s microphones to report the development team’s enthusiasm for the success achieved with the day one entry of Back 4

In discussing the topic with his interviewers, the exponent of the California software house reflected on the importance of Microsoft’s subscription service by declaring how “the Game Pass offers several benefits: if you are a subscriber you can access Those who have never played a cooperative shooter with zombies, for example, can try Back 4 Blood and maybe find out that it’s the type of games that suits you. That’s why I think the Game Pass is a big part of our success, we’re excited to see that users are continuing to access the game through the Game Pass. We love it, for us it is something really significant.”

The producer of Turtle Rock’s studios then provides equally interesting insights into the commercial approach adopted by developers who propose their titles on Xbox Game Pass: “For us developers, the reduction of the user access barrier to video games we make is a factor in the

Before leaving you to comment, please note that on the pages of you can read our review of Back 4 Blood, the heir of Left 4 Dead, signed by Alessandro Bruni.

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