Back 4 Blood, Announced The Annual Pass: Single Player Mode Offline Incoming

Turtle Rock Studios has unveiled the roadmap of incoming content within Back 4 Blood, including all details related to the Annual Pass that will be alongside a series of free updates that will be added in the near future to

First of all, the Pass will offer three expansions that will arrive during 2022: the first of these, entitled Tunnels of Terror, will introduce new exterminators and haunted as well as new contents in terms of history, weapons, cards and skin alternatives. It is unclear when these three major content will be distributed in the next year, or the title of the other two expansions.

As for free updates, the first is expected for November 2021, but they should bring technical improvements by removing several bugs. In December 2021, things get much more interesting: not only will the update add a practice area for haunted, new cards (including an unpublished type) and a Christmas event, but the single pla campaign will also be introduced For 2022, further updates are planned to improve the experience offered by the game, with the arrival of a new level of difficulty.

Given that Left 4 Dead has recently passed Back 4 Blood by number of players, developers have every intention of improving their latest product more and more to keep it always attractive for users. If you haven’t tried it yet, our Back 4 Blood review might make you want to give it a chance.

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