Babylon’s Fall: Some Assets Seem To Be Taken By Final Fantasy Xiv? It’s Because They Are!

During Babylon’s Fall’s Closed Beta, several players were puzzled to see how much some action game equipment and emotions looked like those of Final Fantasy XIV.

Well, suspects were lawful: as revealed by producer Yosuke Saito, Babylon’s Fall actually borrowed the assets of the famous Square-Enix MMORPG, while going to modify the details of the estate.

“I’d like to answer a question that’s coming up on social media: “Isn’t this Final Fantasy XIV stuff?” To get to the point: yes, Babylon’s Fall contains data on equipment and emotions borrowed from Final Fantasy XIV. When I made my presentation of the game at a corporate meeting, the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida was present and offered his help. We have therefore carefully implemented the data in close coordination with the Final Fantasy XIV team.

By borrowing data, we were able to implement a much wider variety of equipment and emotions in the game than originally expected. Just to be clear, the aesthetics of most of the equipment players aim to get is unique for Babylon’s Fall. The data borrowed from Final Fantasy XIV was used for equipment present since the introduction to the average level of the game, which is why they were so widespread in the Closed Beta Test.”

We recently tried Babylon’s Fall’s Closed Beta on PS5, but Platinum Games’ new work hasn’t really convinced us.

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