Aya Neo Next: Analog And Drifting-Proof Triggers Thanks To Hall Sensors

In the margins of the presentation of AYA Neo Next at CES 2022, the designers of the latest generation portable console confirm the adoption of Hall Sensors for the realization of analogs and drifting-proof triggers.

Scrolling through the promotional material cards that accompanies the reveal of the high technical specifications of AYA Neo Next we discover that the new model of the AYANEO family of portable mini-PCs will be characterized by an array of sensors “Hall Effect”

The new sensor uses the principle discovered by the American physicist Edwin Hall and uses a pair of rotating magnets to translate the potential difference into game input into a conductor crossed by an electric current. The Hall Sensors therefore operate without producing any friction with the other components of the controller, thus avoiding wear and tear and, consequently, false inputs reported by those who had to deal with the Joy-Con Drift Switch.

The use of Hall sensors on the back triggers, moreover, should ensure greater longevity and operational operation of the triggers of AYA Neo Next, two factors that will certainly make everyone who wants to buy this new jewel happy

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