Axie Infinity: The Nft Metaverse Inspired By Pokemon Continues To Grow

Despite the criticism of Ubisoft Quartz, the phenomenon of blockchain technologies applied to the videogaming industry continues to grow with the success of titles like The Sandbox and the other, great Metaverse NFT that is expanding in recent months,

Developed and produced by Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity is a title that uses the latest blockchain technologies to provide fans with the opportunity to raise digital creatures to be sold as NFTs using the appropriate Marketplace

The principle behind Axie Infinity’s success is, however, that of the progressive evolution of its creatures and, with it, the possibility of engaging in multiplayer challenges from which to gain further experience for each bred Axie. From a strictly playful point of view, the project draws inspiration from collectible card games and turn-based strategy, while as far as the visual and graphic component is concerned, it is impossible not to notice the strong references to Pokemon.

The formula devised by Sky Mavis also provides for the resale of virtual plots of a constantly evolving Metaverse, through which it can expand its network of contacts of digital breeders and, consequently, of commercial partners for the activities related to the transfer and purchase Sky Mavis’s business partners already have a number of giants in the hi-tech industry and industry such as Ubisoft, Samsung, AAVE and Binance.

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