Attack On Titan, Waiting For The Last Season: Analyze The Free Fan Game

While we were trying to distract ourselves while waiting for the debut of the last season of Attack on Titan, we came across a free fan game inspired by the work of Hajime Isayama and based on PvP. We’ve been intrigued by the small production, and we’ve decided to go into it… here’s what we’ve found.

Available for free on PC, Mac and Linux, Roark’s Attack on Titan Fan Game is a multiplayer game focused on PvP that includes 12 playable characters, 3 unique weapons classes and 10 different game modes Analyzing it, we found that its development began five years ago, when a fan of the series used Unity to rebuild the forest where the cadets of 104° had trained in the use of the Three-dimensional Maneuver Device

During our test, due to the small number of connected players, we could not try all the modes offered by the game, however we did not struggle to track a lot of interesting features. Despite minimalist graphics, the mechanics related to the Three-dimensional Movement have been recreated meticulously, thus proving very pleasant to play. Discover this and much more in our Video Preview attached in news opening. Among our pages you can also find the preview of Roark’s Attack on Titan Fan Game curated by Antonello Bello.

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