Atomic Heart: New And Disturbing Screenshots Of The Game Coming Free On Game Pass

Over the last few hours, four new images of Atomic Heart have appeared online, the interesting title inspired by Bioshock that will allow players to explore a Russia invaded by dangerous and frightening cyborgs.

The four screenshots do not focus on the protagonist and his arsenal as happened in the previous Atomic Heart image gallery, but they offer four different locations of the open world title. Among these we can see a sort of creepy classroom whose benches are occupied by mannequins, an underground area covered with blood and an outdoor portion of the game world where you can notice the presence of numerous robotic creatures, some of which can fly

Before leaving the images available for a few hours on social media, we remind you that the game does not yet have an official release date and the development team has only confirmed what will be the reference platforms, namely PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There is currently no information on the possible support of the game to the latest generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Plus.

Waiting for the title to arrive on the shelves and in the Xbox Game Pass catalog (it will be one of the titles available from day one), we invite you to take a look at our analysis of the gameplay of Atomic Heart.

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