Assassin’s Creed, Time Travel: All The Games Of The Saga In 8 Minutes, Waiting For Infinity!

The now iconic home saga Ubisoft boasts a decade-long history, with the debut of the first Assassin’s Creed from 2007: since then, how many IP-related video games have followed the market

Well, the productions that have, each in its own way, expanded the imagination linked to the clash between the Brotherhood of the Assassins and the Templars are very many. The appeal is not only included in the chapters of the saga considered “main” but also in a rich review of alternative variations of the IP of Assassin’s Creed.

From the trilogy of Ezio Auditore to the Viking warrior Eivor, passing through the England of Jacob and Evie Frye and the Ancient Egypt of Bayek, the protagonists who have fed the mythology of the Ubisoft To sort out adventures for fixed and portable consoles, mobile declinations and even browser game of the series of Assassin’s Creed, our Antonello “Kirito” Bello has made a journey into the past, among Assass

Waiting to discover new details about Assassin’s Creed Infinity, the mysterious future of the saga, the Editorial Staff presents all the games of the Ubisoft series in a short video. As always, you will find the movie in the opening of this news, as well as on the YouTube Channel of Everyeye: what was your favorite title?

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