Armored Core 6 After Elden Ring? Rumors On Fromsoftware

While Elden Ring’s castles are preparing to open their doors to adventurous video gamers waiting for Action RPG, an intriguing rumor involves the creative forges of the FromSoftware home.

From the pages of the well-known forum Resetera, the user “Red Liquorice” indicates that he was involved in a consumer survey that would – in his opinion – reveal the existence of a new Armored Core. We point out from the outset that, at the moment, it is obviously impossible to verify the reliability of the many information reported by the enthusiast. However, for now, the moderators of Resetera have not intervened to remove indiscretion or part of it. Having made the necessary premises, here are the facts.

Red Liquorice says that they have seen a description, eight screenshots and a video gameplay of about 30 seconds, all linked to a new Armored Core in development at FromSoftware. In the video – streamed and watermarked and unregistered by the player -, boss fight sequences and an exploratory section set in a snowy area would be shown.

The screenshots, which the user claims to have saved but not to publish because they are also marked by an ID, would immortalize the following situations:

A snowy area, with the character in flight intent on shooting on vehicles of a road below;

A direct flight shot to enemies in the distance;

A clash illuminated by dark lights, on the tones of green;

Again a snowy area, but this time with ground combat between two characters;

A mech bigger than the character, grey and white;

A huge Boss mech;

A clash between player and another big yellow mech;

Fight scene with golden light effects that resemble a shield to protect the player;

The user Resetera also published the description that he claims was shown during the survey. The latter reports that it would allow mankind to make great technological progress. In the past, however, the same would also cause a “cosmic disaster” on, which would now face the same threat once again. The new Armored Core is described as unbased on battles between mech and that would bring the signature of Hidetaka Miyazaki in person.Waiting for any confirmation or denial on the possible return of this series that has long marked the history of

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