Arkanoid Eternal Battle: The Return Of A Classic Arcade Of The 80S

French publisher Microids announced the return of Arkanoid, famous arcade game Taito released in the 80s and very popular also in Italy. Arkanoid Eternal Battle is developed by the team Pastagames, a French studio that has worked on games like Pix The Cat, Pang Adventures and Rayman Legends in the past.

Arkanoid Eternal Battle is released during 2022, at the moment there are few details about it but we know that the game will follow the philosophy of the original project, bringing back to life a classic as small tricks that will make the gameplay more modern and dynamic.

In addition to a single mode there will also be full multiplayer support and in the press release we read that “Arkanoid Eternal Battle will mix classic and modern elements designed to conquer both veterans and new players.”

No confirmations on target platforms, presumably smartphones and tablets, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, PCs and Nintendo Switch. Arkanoid is an arcade game developed by Taito in the mid-80s, evolution of the concept at the base of Breakout, game Atari of the 70s designed by Steve Jobs. So the tendency to bring back old classics continues, we just have to wait to find out what we can expect from Arkanoid Eternal Battle.

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