Arise Of Awakener: Dragons And Knights In An Action Rpg Inspired By Dragon’s Dogma

Thanks to the joint efforts of a Turkish studio and a Chinese publisher, Arise of Awakener is taking shape, an RPG action that has aroused our curiosity thanks to a medieval setting clearly inspired by the never forgotten Dragon’s Do

The release date is still very far away, though it is currently scheduled for the PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC, at the Turkish Tanner Game studios on behalf of Chinese publisher Gamera Game. The information is still scarce, but the announce trailer shown at Tokyo Game Show 2021 revealed that this RPG action per single player will be set in a fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe and will tell a story of

The character creation system will allow players to choose between three different classes, namely the classic Warrior, Archer and Wizard, before boarding on a journey dotted with monstrosities of all kinds, from undead to dead. The latter will represent the stars of production: at some point in the adventure, the protagonist can even ride one and hover in flight! If what has been said so far has intrigued you, then we absolutely recommend you to deepen the topic by watching the Video Preview in the opening news and reading the preview of Arise of Awakener curated by Antonello Bello.

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