Are You Really Interested In Nfts? A Special Brand Registered In Japan

Another software house could expand to the NFTs in the near future. SEGA recorded in December 2021 a particular trademark in Japan with an unequivocal name: “SEGA NFT” with a logo. And this despite the constantly becoming positions of the company on the delicate topic.

In fact, in recent days, it has emerged that SEGA would have left the decision of support to the NFTs to the users, in light of the highly controversial reactions of the public to blockchain-based technologies, with CEO Haruki Satomi who seemed to The appearance of the trade mark suggests the opposite, that the historical Japanese company intends instead to continue with its strategies towards the NFTs, although at the moment nothing in that direction has been officially confirmed by the company.

Sonic’s house is still studying the situation in order to better understand how NFTs are simply money making or whether in the long term they can be interesting to fans. Meanwhile, software house continues to look towards its future: recently, SEGA has opened a new study in Sapporo and is looking for new employees to be placed within its organization chart. It is unclear whether the new team is already working on new company projects.

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