Are Playstation Plus And Ps Now The Same Thing Or Do You Need Two Different Subscriptions?

As we know, Microsoft has somehow merged the benefits of Xbox LIVE Gold and Xbox Game Pass into the Game Pass Ultimate Xbox subscription… there is something similar in Sony’s home, that is a subscription service that combines Play

In fact, the answer to this question is unfortunately negative, there is no single service that contains the two PlayStation, PlayStation Plus and Now subscriptions are separate services and therefore require two different subscriptions.

This so far, although things could change in 2022, recently led to the new PlayStation Project Spartacus subscription for PS4 and PS5 coming in apparently in the spring of next year precisely with the aim of combining the best of the two services

In response to the initial question, there is no single subscription for PS Now and PS Plus but as mentioned, the situation could change completely in 2022, but Sony has not commented on the rumors on Spartacus and therefore we are waiting for any clarification in

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