Arcane Promoted With Full Marks By Hideo Kojima: Riot Games Thanks Heartily

The animated Netflix series has recently made its debut, but the audience is already waiting to discover all the details about the Arcane Season 2: League of Legends.

Among the fans, we also find Hideo Kojima, who has not failed to publicly express his appreciation for the production. Dedicated to the League of Legends imaginary, the anime series has won the game director, who from his official Twitter account decided to spend more than generous words about Arcane: League of Le

“I finished watching Arcane on Netflix, including episode 9. It was extraordinary until the last second! – announces the author of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid – After seeing this series, I will not be able to look at other souls in CGI for quite some time!” The founder of Kojima Productions particularly appreciated the setting of production, described as “a world in turmoil, in which the conflict between the surface and the heart of the city is constantly growing.” To the side of his considerations, Hideo Kojima advises everyone on the vision of Arcane: League of Legends, stressing that to appreciate the soul series it is not necessary to have any knowledge of the LoL universe.

The exciting review of Arcane: League of Legends proposed by Hideo Kojima jumped quickly to the eye of Riot Games. As you can verify at the bottom of this news, the software house author of League of Legends thanked the author for his words.

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