Arcade Paradise: A Sea Of Games In The Video Of The ‘Cabin Simulator’

The developers of Nosebleed Interactive package a fictitious video of Arcade Paradise that advertises, in the style of the TV commercials of the 90s, the experience offered by this “cab simulator” for nostalgics of

The free roaming experience published by Wired Productions will make us wear Ashley’s clothes, a girl who will turn into a modern games room the newly inherited laundry. During the adventure, therefore, we will not only be able to access the numerous arcade titles but will need to constantly update the play offer and furnishings to ensure a future for our business.

Each cabin will offer a fully playable title, with records to be established and challenges to be completed to beat the Salagiochi attendees: the management of the activity will also go for the autonomous repair of the worn electronic cards, as well as for the choice of the furniture elements

The new trailer of the Nosebleed team focuses precisely on the wide range of titles to be installed in its own games room, with over 35 cabins inspired by the masterpieces that made the history of arcade gaming in the 70s, 80s and Due to the recently announced postponement to 2022 of Arcade Paradise, the new management experience for fans of Cabin Games will be expected until the spring of next year on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and

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