Arc Raiders: The Post-Apocalyptic World Of Free Shooter In The First Images

Back from the 2021 Game Awards with the video reveal of ARC Raiders, Embark studios publish the first images of their ambitious post-apocalyptic shooter intended to land free on PC (Steam and Epic

To accompany the first round of official screenshots of ARC Raiders we also find the synopsis on the history and the main features of the gameplay. According to the software house founded by veterans of EA DICE and the Battlefield series, ARC Raiders will offer a shooter experience focused on cooperation between players and exploring a huge map with forests, semi-detached cities

The story canopy laid by Embark Studios will be based on the use of a complex alarm system that will encourage users to collaborate to respond quickly to cyber-alien attacks. Only by joining our forces with those of the other Raiders will we have some chance of survival, hence the need to use always different tactics to dismember the mechanical limbs of the enemies and make our way between the twisted sheets of their exoskeleton with the

We are therefore waiting to admire the new game scenes of ARC Raiders; in the meantime, we invite you to relive the emotions of the latest show organized by Geoff Keighley, recovering this special with everyone

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