Arc Raiders, The Free Shooter Of The Veterans Of Battlefield: That’s What To Expect!

The announcement by ARC Raiders came at the end of last year, generating a remarkable curiosity from the audience about what this new shooter might propose.

The project is signed by a brand new software house, but it includes a large group of veterans from the video game world. Robert “Patrick” Söderlund, the former CEO of EA DICE, has been the founder of Embark Studios. In launching this new adventure, the professional has also brought along many veterans from the Battlefield series, now intent on distributing ARC Raiders in free to play format.

Set in a sci-fi imaginary, the title sees humans facing a dangerous invasion of cyber-aliens. At the moment, there is no precise release date for the shooter, but ARC Raiders should be released free of charge on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Plus during 2022.

To find out in detail the potentialities of Embark Studios’ debut project, our Giovanni Panzano has dedicated himself to a careful analysis of the material published so far by software house. To learn all the findings of the Editorial Staff, you can dedicate yourself to the rich video preview of ARC Raiders available directly in the opening to this news, as well as on the YouTube Channel of Everyeye: we wish you a good vision

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