Arc Raiders Announced By Veterans From Battlefield: Is The Exclusive Xbox Ski-Fi Mmo?

A few days after the inaugural ceremony of the Game Awards 2021, the official announcement of ARC Raiders, the first project officially presented by Embark Studios, the new software house captain by Patrick Söderlund, former leader of EA

All we have about the announcement is the short teaser trailer that we brought back to the bottom of the news, and that confirms the Sci-Fi setting of the title. We can see a soldier armed with assault rifles, spaceships, and the bizarre alien entities with spherical shape. This is a deliberately cryptic anticipation by Embark Studios, who invites us to tune in with the upcoming Game Awards for the full reveal.

In recent months, there has been a discussion of an alleged Cloud-based MMO based on Sci-Fi exclusively on Xbox platforms and developed by Embark Studios, a company founded by veterans of the Battlefield series. It is important not to take anything for granted, but what is shown in this fleeting teaser seems to match the voices of the corridor around the project.

To find out everything about ARC Raiders and the other titles that will be present at the TGA 2021 we invite you to connect to the Twitch channel of Thursday, December 9 starting at 15:00, for a marathon entirely dedicated to ‘

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