Apex Legends Nextgen Is Imminent? Dataminer Find References To Ps5 And Xbox Series X/S

The launch of the nextgen version of Apex Legends may be imminent, judging by references to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S found by dataminers by scanning the code of the latest update of the battle royale for free.

The always active dataminer scene has thus taken advantage of the launch of the latest update of Apex Legends to hunt for clues about the possible arrival of the patch that will optimize the shooter of EA and Respawn to the hardware and functionality more

The inactive data in Apex Legends’ nine-year update feature code strings that confirm the imminent compatibility of the game with the hardware of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, without however taking into account possible interventions

In this regard, it is therefore worth repeating the words spoken in August by Steve Ferreira and Ryan K. Rigney: the Game Director and Respawn Communications Manager held a session of Questions and Answers on Reddit to declare

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