Apex Legends Loses Another Piece: Design Director James Mccord Leaves Respawn

Apex Legends was orphaned by some important figures: on the day that director Chad Grenier abandoned Respawn, another important author also gave his goodbye to the company. It’s James McCord, design director of the popular battle royale.

The reasons that led him to leave the company in force for Electronic Arts are not clear, but, just like Grenier, McCord was part of Respawn Entertainment from the beginning, helping to shape its identity for well “11 years, 11 Apex Seasons, 11 maps distributed. Not bad, I think. It’s hard to leave a game and a team you love. But it’s time to do something new. There are no plans for the future at the moment, I will walk through the Earth for a while so as to recharge myself,” explains on Twitter the former design director of Apex Legends, sharing some of the most significant photos of his career at the

It has not been established at the moment who will take his place, but in the meantime the company continues to work constantly on the battle royale and prepares also for the near future of the game: in fact it seems that Apex Legends for PS5 and Xbox

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