Apex Legends: Gridiron’s Video Evokes Titanfall And Shows Bangalore’s Brother

As promised, Respawn has published the new History of Frontier “Gridiron” by Apex Legends. The last video that EA’s subsidiary has produced evokes Titanfall to reveal what, in all probability, will be the next legend of the battle royale shooter, that is Bangalore’s brother.

The striking animated trailer of Respawn offers us a glimpse of the tumultuous events experienced by Bangalore and his brother during the Frontier War that, in the narration of Titanfall, co

The implications of that conflict in the relationship between Bangalore and his brother are mentioned in the message with which the Respawn team accompanies the last History of Frontier: “Divided between his brother and the cause to which he dedicated his life, after the

More details on the next Legend and unpublished content coming up in the next phase of the free-to-play shooter will be shared by EA in the next few days: soon, then, we will have the opportunity to refute the leaks of the dataminers

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