Apex Legends: Dataminer Discovers Various Clues About The Contents Of Season 12

Apex Legends Season 11 is in full swing and is still a few months before the next season officially begins. Despite this, several dataminers have already been able to discover several important details about the possible contents of Season 12, which have quickly spread through social media.

The recent event Predoni collection has in fact allowed to trace unpublished files with various references to the near future of the popular battle royale. First of all it seems certain that Mad Maggie will be the next legend of the game: the leader HumanSAS shared on Twitter some images depicting icons connected to the character, thus strengthening the hypotheses on his presence in the next season. Another dataminer, Shrugtal, has instead discovered clues (including a loading screen) on which will be the new map of the game, which should be called “Habitat,” an island surrounded by the huge Leviathans.

Obviously, until an official confirmation from Respawn Entertainment arrives, we remain in the field of hypotheses, however updates on Season 12 should not be late to arrive in the next weeks, waiting for the current season to take its course. Meanwhile, in recent times there has been movement around the battle royale: Apex Legends’ director has left Respawn. There are also rumors of corridor that give for sure the existence of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Apex Legends, although still to be confirmed.

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