Apex Legends: A Leak Reveals The Weight Of The Ps5 Version, New Coming?

More than a year after the release of the latest-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Plus, there are still several free to play consoles that, although particularly played by the public, have not yet received a free upgrade. Among these we also find Apex Legends, Shooter of Respawn that could soon update.

Anticipating the announcement of a PlayStation 5 version was the usual Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, which smelled the next-gen edition of the game on Sony databases. According to the well-known social network profile, the PlayStation 5 version of the battle royale will weigh more than 80GB and the specific details on the release date are currently unknown. Given the arrival of the product in the database, however, it is not to be excluded that the announcement of Apex Legends on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Unfortunately, the presence of the game in Sony’s databases does not imply the possibility to discover the product description and it is unclear what the improvements of this version could be besides those that concern the graphics sector. In any case we also expect support to DualSense and perhaps to 120Hz.

Have you seen Apex Legends’ trailer with Bangalore’s brother?

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