Ape Fight Club Is A Bizarre Monkey And Nft Hitter: Details

Ape Fight Game is a new bizarre beating curated by the study of NiftyApeNation, which lays its foundations on a roster composed of monkeys and on the much discussed NFT.

The project aims to create a total of 888 versions of monkeys that will be possible to impersonate within the title, a figure that would allow developers and community to record a new Guinness World Record regarding the number of unique characters usable to the

Nifty Ape Nation is raising expectations with Ape Fight Club, which seem pretty hard to maintain. For example, each of these 888 monkeys will have their own unique fighting style and “will increase level and gain value after each fight” as specified in the game FAQ.

The first gameplay clip, which you can look at through the twitter at the bottom, does not seem to be particularly promising from a playful point of view. The impression is, instead, that much of the attention is placed in the aesthetic characterization of monkeys, which can appear in the most bizarre and strange ways imaginable.

A few months ago, we discovered how the creator of the Evolved Apes NFT project managed to cheat a whole bunch of people by pocketing $2.7 million. After creating 10,000 NFTs that all represented minor variations of the same monkey, he then sold them with the promise to use funds to create a fighting game with each of the 10,000 wrestling monkeys. The idea here was that whoever bought a monkey would fight using a character that “possess”. Nothing tells us that this is a similar operation, but it is impossible not to have any suspicion about NiftyApeNation’s project and ask yourself some questions about how NFTs can be exploited in the gaming world.

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