Ann Takamaki In Panther Version In The Charming Cosplay Of Person 5

Considering all the Japanese software house – and not only – Tokyo is the scene of many video games. Many more famous neighborhoods like Shibuya and Shinjuku and symbolic places like Tokyo Sky Tree and many others have been faithfully reproduced. Some of these places are the frame in Person 5, one of the most famous JPRGs ever.

The protagonist of Persona 5 is not the only character to be used during the various clashes and missions to be accomplished to reach the final. One of these is Ann Takamaki, one of the most popular figures for various reasons of the Atlus video game. Blonde and with a modeling physicist – work that, among other things, carries out part-time in conjunction with the studies – is also one of the Phantom Ladres, with the codename Panther.

During these events, Ann undressed her high school clothes and wore a red suit with a zipper in the middle and brought with him a mask to rest on the eyes and a whip of the same color. Its charm increases and there are many cosplays of Panther Person 5 that come up on the net and get so much support.

The cosplay of this version of Ann Takamaki was presented this time by Alina Becker, whose photo is available below. Some of us have proposed very different and varied cosplays by Ann.

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