Animal Crossing New Horizons Updates: Back Privacy For Npcs!

With the debut of the rich content of Animal Crossing’s 2.0 version: New Horizons, players of the popular life simulator Nintendo have been able to expand their activities.

Thanks to the DLC Happy Home Paradise, in particular, holidaymakers have become architects, real estate agents and interior designers, ready to meet NPC’s housing needs as more demanding. However, there were some hiccups, with the title that hosted several bugs. Among the latter, in particular, a rather bizarre event attracted the attention of the Animal Crossing community: New Horizons.

Because of a bug, in fact, several players found themselves in front of NPCs without clothes! The unexpected involved in particular the characters dressed in garments with custom designs. With the new update 2.0.4 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo developers have resolved the malfunction, restoring the privacy of the poor inhabitants of the archipelago off Nintendo Switch. In addition, the update has made some additional interventions, aimed at making the gameplay of the life simulator “more enjoyable.”

In closing, we remind players who are evaluating the purchase of the DLC Happy Home Paradise in view of Christmas that on our pages is available the review of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0.

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