Animal Crossing: An Absurd Happy Home Paradise Bug ‘Nude’ Pngs

On the net, reports are multiplied by those who, playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, claim to have stumbled into an absurd bug after installing the latest Happy Home Paradise expansion on Nintendo Switch.

Judging by the posts on social media, images and testimonies received on the most popular industry forums, the glitch in question seems to “clothe” the inhabitants of the island: just take a quick tour of the last topics open on the pages of the sub

In the posts shared by fans you can admire the different secondary characters completely undressed while performing their daily activities: the glitch seems therefore to be interested only in the system of game that is dedicated to the management of the clothes of the islanders, without any further influences on the game The polygonal models of the PNG, if nothing else, are neutral and have no “compromising part.”

Pending further clarification from the developers, especially regarding the timing required for the patch that should close the breach of the “nude glitch,” we leave you to our review of Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise.

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