Ani Tikku and Walter Leskiff Open a New Downtown Dining Spot in Steamboat Springs

The new Emerald was inaugurated on June 30, 2022. The husband and wife are planning to open a restaurant in the downtown area.

John F. Russell/ Steamboat Pilot & Today

When the space that Walter Leskiff and Ani Tikku owned became available this spring, the couple buy oolong tea decided not to lease it again but to open their own business in Steamboat Springs.

Tikku said they wanted to create a place for people to sit for a meal and relax. When we bought the space, the idea was that we would use it for our own business.

When Haus of Cucu moved to a new location a few doors away, the couple decided it was time to start working on their own concept, Emerald, in the space at 700 Yampa St.

There will be a soft opening on July 2. Emerald is expected to be open from 7 to 7. There is 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She wants to expand hours after she hires more staff.

The shop is named after Emerald Mountain, which is located across the river. Tikku said that the cafe will offer more than just a traditional coffee shop menu. Coffee, tea, sparkling wine and beer will be included in the all-organic drink selection. There will be a wide range of price points on the menu with hopes of making a menu that is appetizing for everyone.

The dining area inside Emerald was ready to open on June 30, 2022. The owner of the business said it was a place to wake up and celebrate.

John F. Russell/ Steamboat Pilot & Today

Tikku said that they would have different sparkling wines from different regions. All organic and fair-trade items were important to us. When you want to celebrate something, we want to be an alternative.

Specialty coffee, espresso, and drip coffee will be available on the menu. There will be cold brew coffee, pour over coffee and bullet-proof coffee, a blended coffee drink, and a spice kick. Medium-chain triglyceride is a type of fat. It is said to be a source of energy and can help with a number of diseases.

Golden milk, ice tea, Chai, and hot chocolate are also available.

There will be a large selection of loose-leaf teas from Mountain Rose Teas, as well as herbal teas.

Emerald is still waiting for a liquor license and plans to offer sparkling wines from Champagne, France and Lambrusco, Italy as well as selections from Armenia, South Africa, and Spain. There will be a selection of craft beers. There will be beers and sparkling wines without alcohol.

The food offered by Emerald will include house-made treats such as organic zucchini-apple bread and cherry upside-down cake. Pumpkin pudding and chia-maca pudding will be included.

There will be a selection of authentic Indian Samosas, as well as a selection of nut butter honey and jam sandwich and smoked salmon on sourdough, as well as a selection of mixed nuts and other items.

Tikku said they like to serve what they like to eat themselves. We want to have a variety of drinks. I am half Indian and half Armenian, and Walter is originally Ukrainian, so we offer some different items on the menu.

The Haus of Cucu has been renovated. Second-hand furniture and stools from Annie’s Home Consignments were used to create a welcoming dining area for the owners. Madeleine Burrough’s work is currently featured in Emerald.

After living in Houston for five years, a couple bought a property in Steamboat and are trying to make it their full-time home.

The name Emerald seemed to be the heart of the town. A warm, welcoming place for people to sit for a meal and spend time with friends or family is what we want.

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